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Expand Your District's Capacity to Support Student and Educator Mental Health

We are excited to help your district meet the urgent need to improve student well-being and motivation with our data-driven solutions. Our tiered solutions can expand your district's capacity to support student and educator mental health ... with lasting results. Our adaptive and personalized instructional design goes beyond teaching core resilience concepts. Our Do First™ methodology helps students apply strategies to their goals, supporting them in taking daily steps toward lasting change.

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Learn from school leaders and students for insights that will help you:

  • Create student-centered, actionable learning with SEL that adapts to each learner’s needs and goals.
  • Adopt a learn-reflect-apply approach that helps students activate SEL concepts for measurable growth.
  • Implement and evaluate a turnkey SEL program in a tiered approach that delivers lasting results.
  • Bridge the gap between curriculum-only programs and one-to-one therapy.
  • Use SEL intervention data to return students to Tier 1 and avoid higher and more costly Tier 3 interventions.
  • Increase equitable support to all students—without additional hires or a heavy lift on staff.

Guest Speakers:

Debbie Kimlinger, Lead Counselor, Wayzata High School, Minn.
Erin Logan, MTSS/ Counseling Lead, Montello School District, Wis.
Rachel Hilyar, Director of School Culture/SEL/Safety, ISD 728, Minn.
Natalie, High School Student, Sharing Impact of the Program, Wayzata High School, Minn.


Katie Dorn, MFT, LSC, CEO and Co-Founder, EmpowerU