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EmpowerU is excited to partner with North Carolina school districts to bring a highly personalized, data-driven solution to help students feel better - and do better - in school and in life.

Because we are the only program to combine online lessons with personalized 1:1 coaching, we can help your district reach more students, more quickly, with proven impact on improved attendance, grades and mental health. Now more than ever, students need support and skills to engage, learn and focus.

Over 91% of students that complete the course make significant, measurable progress toward lasting change and increased resilience.

EmpowerU Do First™ Methodology helps students take actionable steps forward each day. This ensures the CASEL-aligned core concepts are not just taught, but learned in a way that students can remember and apply when challenges arise. 

EmpowerU offers Tier 1 Universal Classroom Lessons (PreK-12 & Educator) and Supported Tier 2/3 programs (K-12 & Educator) with flexible implementation options to fit your districts needs.

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