EmpowerU & NDCDE

Using SEL to effectively engage and motivate high school students

EmpowerU is thrilled to partner with NDCDE to support students with social-emotional and mental-health barriers within an MTSS/PBIS framework, without an additional lift from your staff.

This webinar provides an overview and a case-study of how EmpowerU’s seamless and credit-bearing interventions at Tier 1 and 2 have helped students build resilience and wellbeing through a combination of skill-building lessons and daily 1:1 motivational coaching by trained therapists.

EmpowerU will be available for student enrollment through Genius and Buzz for the 2021-2022 School year. Districts can submit for reimbursement of half the total of enrollment through grant funding.

Presented by Katie Dorn, licensed school counselor and therapist - and co-founder of EmpowerU.

To learn more about EmpowerU visit our website and recent blog posts for more information. 

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