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EmpowerU is excited to continue our partnership with Northern Star Online and Minnesota Virtual Academy to bring a highly personalized, data-driven solution to equip students with the skills they need to be resilient, self-directed learners and reach their goals. Our blended approach of online lessons with robust embedded coaching helps expand districts capacity to meet the urgent need to support student wellbeing and mental health. Now more than ever, students need support and skills to engage, learn and focus.

EmpowerU’s turn-key program delivers robust and highly personalized student support each day. Over 94% of students that complete the course make significant, measurable progress toward lasting change and increased resilience. EmpowerU Do First™ Methodology helps students take actionable steps forward each day. This ensures the CASEL-aligned core concepts are not just taught, but learned in a way that students can remember and apply when challenges arise. 

Students can enroll in the online, credit-bearing class directly or work with their school guidance counselor.

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Middle School (6-8)

MS EmpowerU course is designed to be used as an MTSS middle 12-16 week semester long school intervention for students that need additional mental health support at Tier 2.

Students use guided study or target time to complete 6 units of Middle School daily online skill-building lessons in which they master critical social-emotional concepts and coping skills (35 lessons).

Each day students receive personalized coaching by their 1:1 EmpowerU instructor through the online portal (text/email). Program includes curriculum(6 units, 34 lessons), student access, 6 hours of 1:1 coaching, and a final data report pre to post per student plus overall school data

High School (9-12)

EmpowerU Personal Empowerment and Resilience program is completed independently as an elective course over 12-18 weeks.

Aligned with national health and wellness standards and CASEL standards, this credit-bearing course teaches students vital daily skill-building lessons combined with 1:1 daily therapeutic coaching by EmpowerU online instructors to effectively fuel student change.

Each students receives access to the online curriculum(six units, 44 lessons) and receives online daily support that is highly personalized to the students' individual goals and challenges. Students leave the course with an improved locus of control and ability to navigate challenges with resilience. Includes complete pre to post data report per student as well as overall school intervention data report.

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