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Why Summer for SEL and Mental Health?

It won't be long before your students slide into summer break. They'll have calmer routines, a slower pace and fewer high-focus priorities. That's why summer is a perfect time to help them build resilience, persistence and confidence.

SEL summer learning means your students hit the ground running next fall. We can even customize our summer program to fit neatly within your district's summer targeted services or credit recovery programs.​

Our summer program is data driven and outcomes based.  And it combines evidence-based lessons and 1:1 online support from EmpowerU instructors to help students apply the learning to their life.​ 

And good news! Our program is eligible for ESSER III summer funds targeted for SEL/mental health. 

Goal Progress

94% of students that complete EmpowerU move back to Tier 1, resulting in an 18x ROI for every $1 spent on the program.


Elementary Summer School SEL Programs

  • Plug and play teacher-led lessons help students become self-directed learners who take charge of their thoughts, emotions and actions
  • Think/Feel/Do feedback loop helps students apply their learning to their lives with individual activity booklets
  • 30-minute SEL lessons with 15 minutes of group instruction and 10-15 mins student activity book (materials included)

  • Helps students master resilience concepts, improve self-regulation and become self-directed learners
  • Learn/Reflect/Do feedback loop helps students apply core SEL concepts to meet their goals and overcome challenges
  • Daily online support from 1:1 EmpowerU instructor helps student apply new skills to their personal social-emotional and mental health challenges
  • No classroom teacher required. Students use the myEmpowerU platform to access daily online SEL lessons (20-30 minutes) and 1:1 support


Middle School / High School Summer School Programs

  • Helps students master resilience concepts and improve positive behaviors
  • Helps students become self-directed, confident learners to improve academic performance
  • Engages students to master and integrate core concepts using the Learn/Reflect/Do feedback loop embedded in each lesson
  • Online 1:1 EmpowerU instructor helps student apply lesson skills to their individual social-emotional and mental health challenges to help them become more
  • No classroom teacher required. Students access the myEmpowerU platform to complete daily SEL lessons (20-30 minutes) and connect with their EmpowerU instructor
  • Full 6-unit, credit-bearing course
  • Supported by daily 1:1 coaching from highly-trained EmpowerU instructors to help students apply concepts to the barriers they face in a personalized way
  • Helps teenagers struggling with anxiety, depression, motivation or focus who want to reboot for next year, build skills and improve wellbeing and focus. 


Family / Educator Summer SEL Programs

  • Supports educator wellbeing and resilience
  • Six-unit professional development course
  • Learn to increase coping skills and reconnect with motivational purpose 
  • Create common language in buildings that contributes to positive school culture
  • Learn SEL strategies and skills to support all your students with more positive behaviors
  • 12-14 hour commitment, self-paced, CEU-eligible
  • Available with or without highly-trained coaching
  • Parents and children learn confidence, self-direction, and how to overcome life's obstacles with grace
  • Parents lead the lessons via engaging videos and scripted activities 
  • Includes workbook for deeper learning