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Learning Session: A Comprehensive Solution for Tier 2 Behavior, Motivation and Well-Being.

Learn how EmpowerU and Illuminate can expand your district's capacity to support student and educator resilience and mental health ... with lasting results. We are excited to show how this powerful partnership can help improve student wellbeing, behaviors, motivation and success.

In this 20-minute overview of our program you will learn how:

  • SAEBRS and mySAEBRS accurately and effectively identify areas of students' social, emotional and academic behavior needs to align targeted supports.
  • EmpowerU's adaptive and personalized instructional design goes beyond teaching core resilience concepts. Their Do First™ methodology helps students apply strategies to their goals, supporting them in taking daily steps toward lasting change
  • EduClimber enables teams to track intervention fidelity and measure students' rate of improvement.
  • How these solutions dovetail with PBIS and MTSS in a tiered approach that delivers lasting results – without the need for additional hires!

Hosted by:

Katie Dorn, MFT, LSC

CEO and Co-Founder, EmpowerU

Jan Marie Dierkes, M.Ed.

Senior Solutions Engineer, Illuminate Education

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